Wood in your garden: where will you use it?

The main advantages of wood

The love for traditional material continues to grow among Czechs. It is very popular in the construction of fences, country houses, pergolas, composters and flower beds. And it is not surprising. Wood stands out for its natural beauty and, compared to other materials, also for its affordability and easy maintenance.

It is among the renewable raw materials with minimal energy requirements. Wood is constantly growing and its pace even exceeds the volume of mining in developed countries.


A wooden fence will give you a sense of security and privacy. Thanks to a wide range of different types of fences, fences and railings, you can easily choose a fence exactly to your liking.

Want to save time and effort? choose modular fence, the assembly of which consists simply of assembling the individual elements. Although it is quick and easy, anyone who wants to can leave the construction of the fence to the professionals.

Photo: Lesoservis

Wooden fence

Raised beds and wooden stakes

Do you like gardening but lack good quality soil? Thanks raised beds you will relieve your back and, if you decide to grow vegetables, you will also be satisfied with the faster ripening of crops.

Then the annuals will create a romantic corner in the raised beds and attract the admiring glances of all passers-by.

If you want to grow climbing plants or fruit trees in your garden, they will come in handy wooden stakeswhich will provide the plant with adequate support.

Photo: Lesoservis

Planted wooden bed


Do you want to get soil from dry leaves, fruit and vegetable peels or even grass clippings? You can have your own compost in a few weeks thanks to a wooden composter. If you also buy composter from palisade stocks with high-quality impregnation, the wood acquires a beautiful shade and lasts many years as new.

Photo: Lesoservis

Wood composter

How to choose the best wood? It demands quality workmanship

Fences, raised beds and other wooden products for outdoor use need quality impregnation. Lesoservis is known for its unique knowledge, which guarantees the best results.

The first step is natural drying to a precisely determined moisture value. Subsequently, the wood is treated with vacuum impregnation using specific procedures with full saturation in combination with an oscillating process.

Lesoservis is the only company in the Czech Republic that uses a unique production technology for the final processing of the produced logs.

First, the entire surface of the wood is drilled and cut longitudinally, which allows the acceptance of a greater amount of impregnating substance and better protection against the formation of significant drying cracks.

Photo: Lesoservis

Impregnated wooden trunk

Wood for construction companies and farmers

Looking for wood for business? Lesoservis will provide you with a milling one trunks and semi-trunks with dimensions according to your needs. How bulk buyers this way you get high quality wood for road and line constructions, fences, hedges, water management structures or even bike lanes.

Photo: Lesoservis

A wooden fence will ensure the safety of the animals

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