What to cook for the weekend? 3 excellent menus with recipes

Menu for meat lovers: light cumin soup and juicy pork ribs

Start your lunch with a light cumin soup: it’s quick and cheap, and contains a generous amount cumin, which will help you digest the heavier roast ribs. Juicy boneless pork ribs will require two unconventional ingredients, but the flavor will knock you to your knees. Don’t forget to add a bowl of salad: reach for cabbage now in winter.

A lighter menu that will appeal to children: stew and chicken with paprika

If you can’t stand “big” roasting and prefer creamy sauces, bet on a proven classic, it’s guaranteed that children will like it too. Make a real pot of honest chicken stock. Serve the portion with noodles or some other stamp (if you want to be a star, choose celestine noodles) and some of it will come in handy when preparing another dish. Paprika chicken is loved by children, and when topped with fresh homemade broth, it tastes amazing.

When you take chili, you can try to offer slightly older children more exotic food. It will also improve the stock bubbling on the stove.

And if you have some broth left, you win. During the week, use it as a basis for fasting lentil soupwhich can also be used as a main dish.

Weekend menu without meat

Vegetarians have known this for a long time and our recipes confirm it: a meatless menu doesn’t have to be boring at all. Thick soup (either cabbage or thick chickpea stew-style) you can offer to die-hard carnivores without fear. And if you don’t mention it’s vegan, they probably won’t even notice. And very few people despise fried cauliflower.

Mardi Gras weekend will also be marked by fresh and soft fried doughnuts. How are you? Do you serve them as a main course or rather as a dessert?

We cook cheaply

Do you want to save money when cooking, but at the same time you don’t want to cheat? We have a range of recipes for delicious, balanced meals that won’t break the family budget. It will be a great inspiration for you a cheap menu for the whole week, in which one portion costs 30 crowns. We prepared the following recipes in it:

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