What is cooked on Ugly Wednesday? Prepare a nasty meal

Ugly Wednesday is the fourth day of Passion Week before Easter. As the name suggests, it is an ugly day, because Christians remember the betrayal of Judas. Wondering what’s cooking on Ugly Wednesday? Prepare ugly food that looks ugly and fails. We have several recipes for you.

Ugly Wednesday – food

What should you prepare for lunch or dinner on Ugly Wednesday? Tradition says that ugly food should be cooked. Dishes prepared for Ugly Wednesday should look unsuccessful or unsightly. On the other hand, even if they look ugly, they must be tasty.

On Ugly Wednesday, our ancestors most often prepared various types of pancakes or potato pancakes. These plates were deliberately torn by the housewife when they were turned, to give an unsightly appearance to the plate.

Traditionally, housewives prepared all kinds of pancakes on Ugly Wednesday, which were supposed to look ugly. For lunch or dinner, it was used more often. Mashed potato pancakes or potato cakes were also prepared. On Ugly Wednesday, you can also make vegetable or legume pancakes, as well as pancakes, which you don’t forget to tear at the end.

Easter cakes are also baked on Ugly Wednesday, commemorating the betrayal of Judas. The shape of this leavened pastry resembles the noose on which Judas hanged himself. According to tradition, Judas is not to be eaten until Maundy Thursday, which represents the day of forgiveness.

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Trhanec: Traditional food in Skáredá změstí

The most popular dish in Škaredá zručí is undoubtedly the old bohemia. It is a sweet pancake made from flour, eggs, milk, sugar, rum and raisins, which is broken in a pan after frying in butter. The breadcrumbs are served drizzled with honey and dusted with powdered sugar. They also taste great with boiled apples or with fresh raspberries or blueberries.

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