We know why premium brands think of celiacs and diabetics

When a responsible manufacturer doesn’t just think of the majority customer, but cares about everyone. We think like efko cz.

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Healthy foods help us live a healthy life. Since Socrates it has been said that we are what we eat. So, healthy treats not only make you feel good and happy, but also help your body cope with demanding days. I would almost like to say that crispy cucumbers or silver onions not only taste good, but also benefit. But everyone is different and everyone not only likes, but also benefits from something different. Some of us have to be careful with foods that contain, for example, gluten, lactose, nuts. And many of us also in sugar and calories.

Pickled vegetables have always belonged to those foods that our ancestors, based on the experience of generations, considered healthy, necessary and recommended. They attributed the role of essential foods to sauerkraut, horseradish and pickles. And not just because of its undeniable deliciousness. The tradition of pickling cucumbers, onions or trampling cabbage has been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries, the recipes have been passed down and improved on each farm. Then, when the development of modern preservation methods, especially autoclaving and pasteurization, allowed the rapid and safe production of canned vegetables, canning remained for most people only a hobby or a hobby After all, in stores there are a large number of different products of all kinds of flavors and sizes. Just choose well!

Not only the brand of the product is important for the right choice, although with some premium ones such as efko you won’t miss it, but also the composition or representation of allergens. Those who know to be careful with mustard seeds or celery are glad that current laws lead manufacturers to label them consistently. The same goes for gluten. Its content must also be ascertainable from the packaging, as well as the nutritional value of the product. This is of great interest to a large group of customers who need to control their glycemic index because they suffer from diabetes. For the efko cz company, it was and is only natural that it provides all this information to its customers and, in addition, in cooperation with specialized websites, composes its products into suitable recipes and sample menus. It is for celiacs, for example www.celiac.cz and for diabetics www.diabetica.cz, where they find an overview of suitable foods. As a responsible company that values ​​and pampers its customers, efko cz is one of the main supporters of these meaningful portals. Although most don’t need them, it’s important that efko cz pay attention to everyone! After all, vegetarians and vegans are also welcome at our table.

Let’s live, then, not only with health, but above all with joy and always with good taste!

Please, if you have an idea for an interesting new product, write us a tip about it at efko@efkocz.cz We will reward the best idea with another prize basket!

LINK where the contestant can find the answer to the question: www.diabetica.cz

Source: efko cz sroWhy is it competing: The company efko cz has decided to give away its products to those who find na www.diabetica.cz correct answers and try to win. From all correct answers, we will randomly select five winners who will receive a basket of delicious products from the efko cz company worth at least 1000 CZK.

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