We are threatened by a new type of borreliosis, the so-called relapsing fever – Dáma.cz

What is relapsing fever?

It is caused by a type called Borrelia Miyamotoi The disease is well known in the United States, but has also recently emerged in Europe, including the Czech Republic. The current survey showed that one in five markers tested positive for the new species and that this is not a local occurrence. It has been detected in samples from all over the Czech Republic. It was also found that a shorter sucking time compared to other Borrelia species is sufficient for transmission, as the bacteria are also found in the salivary glands of ticks.

It is very difficult to find out, because the usual tests for Lyme disease do not detect the new causative agent of the disease. This can only be done by examining ticks directly, and for such a test you will pay an additional CZK 500 in addition to the standard examination price for other diseases.

What is a new type of giant tick? Watch the video:

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