Tips for green meals from breakfast to dinner

Although the title green thursday Probably created by mistake (probably an acronym of the old German name Greindonnerstag – Lazy Thursday to Gr√ľndonnerstag – Maundy Thursday), the custom of eating something green on this day has been preserved to this day.

In ancestor tables you will find mainly the first grasses and spring weeds. young leaves nettledandelion, corn, daisies and bear garlic they provided much-needed vitamins, minerals and fiber to the diet after a long winter. In our day and age, we tend to look for what is most readily available spinach, broccoli and frozen peas. However, starting digestion and strengthening the body’s defenses with fresh green foods is a good idea (and not just on Maundy Thursday). What green foods do you really like?

Sweet and savory green breakfasts

On Maundy Thursday it is customary to have a Jewish breakfast with honey, but if you do not follow this tradition, you can start the day with a green breakfast. A simple frozen pea spread with skyr will be ready in 10 minutes, so the preparation will not delay you, even if you have work responsibilities. If you like a sweet smoothie for breakfast, add a handful of spinach this time. And if you have time to prepare a very hearty breakfast, try the green shakshuka or an omelette with spinach.

Green soups: creamy and brothy

Enticing the little ones to eat green requires a little trickery on the part of parents: few children will be happy with a plate of creamy green soup, but if you add crunchy croutons, sticks of puff pastry, a bowl of quail eggs and grated cheese and you let them adjust their portion on their own, they usually get into the game. Asparagus season hasn’t started yet, but fresh pea soup with semolina gnocchi will be great even without it. Or at least sprinkle the thick broth with a handful of parsley.

Green dishes for vegans and those who prefer meat

The Easter fast doesn’t end until Holy Saturday, so if you observe it, you should still go meatless on Holy Thursday. You can complement green dishes with an egg or look for inspiration in the cuisine of vegetarians and vegans. Although tofu is not a traditional ingredient, it pairs well with vegetable dishes. If you insist on meat, add at least a good side of green vegetables to your plate.

Green dessert

A handful of mixed spinach will add wonderful spring color to pancakes and other sweet desserts without you recognizing it by taste. Matcha tea powder will also color your desserts in a green and natural way. And brave experimenters can also try the savory version of the popular cheesecake, it’s truly impressive.

Green foods from wild plants

I don’t allow weeds or wild grass in the kitchen in the spring. They grow literally everywhere, are free, and bring new flavors and a bit of unbridled wildness to the menu. Bear’s garlic is a rediscovered hit, but young nettles or early dandelion leaves are equally great ingredients.

And don’t forget: whoever eats Judas with honey at dawn on Maundy Thursday will be healthy throughout the year and avoid snakebites and insect bites. Better not risk it and bake them tonight. Judas according to MJ Sandtnerov√° will definitely work for you!

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