The most common bad habits when wearing lenses. Don’t you have them too?

Contact lenses are a blessing if you treat them right. Otherwise, it will cause more harm than good.

You expect contact lenses to help you see better with the touch of an eye. However, there are a number of bad habits associated with its use, which, on the other hand, can harm your eyes. Short-term effects include discomfort when wearing the lenses, cutting, and burning eyes, deterioration in the quality of vision through the lens, inflammation of the conjunctiva, eyelids or cornea. But if the owner persists in bad habits, he can air Forever,” he warns Jacob was leavingan optometrist from Lentiamo Optics. According to his experience, more than half of the “lens wearers” admit to committing accidental misdemeanors while caring for the lenses. What are the most common? So let’s check it out!

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  1. Buy “Bag Foucault”

Lenses are not shoes, so it is not a good idea to buy them blindly in an online store, or always take those inherited from friends or parents. Always buy lenses only on the basis of a professional examination and recommendation of an ophthalmologist – only he will determine which lenses are right for you in terms of material, size or type.

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  1. pregnancy lenses

“Moon” lenses didn’t just get their name. Don’t skimp on lenses and change them regularly, or you risk a problem that will cost you much more. “The most common problem is neovascularization, when a healthy cornea is damaged by bad abrasion contact lenses “It starts to choke under the lens,” says Daniel Utrata, MD, ophthalmologist at Lentiamo Optometry.

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  1. old solution

Refill the solution instead of pouring out the rest and using a new solution? This is one of the most common bypasses, thanks to which Solution He ceases to be sterile and loses his job. It is also wrong if you lack the solution or even replace it with water. In a word, you shouldn’t save here either, because a dry or damaged lens will literally be a thorn in your side.

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  1. Poor hygiene

Eyes and dirt do not mix. Before handling the lenses, wash your hands with soap and dry them. In addition, the container containing the solution should not remain open for a long time and should be changed at least once a month. Otherwise, you may end up with keratitis. “This is caused by the transfer of bacteria in the water and can get into the eyes even when swimming with contact lenses (other than contact lenses). one day), when rinsing the case with water, or when insufficiently cleaning the lenses,” explains Daniel Autrata.

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  1. Good night sweet dreams

It has happened to almost every contact lens wearer that they forget to take out their contact lenses before going to bed. If you use Lenses for continuous wearNothing happens, but if you have hydrogels, it can end up being annoying. So if you know you have a head leak, get lenses that let in more oxygen and are specifically designed for sleep.

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