The legendary street food of New York will smell the Holešovice market

Come and enjoy New York’s famous Pastrami street food at the Holešovická market. The Pastrami Pop-up will take over the corso near pavilion 22 on May 4 from 11.00 to 21.00 with a treat that should not be missed especially by lovers of quality beef. Visitors’ taste buds will be catered to by the best artists of Prague’s gastronomic scene, who will not only offer this famous meat sandwich. All the delights of the festival can be washed down with beer from small breweries, a selection of quality wines or cocktails made with premium alcohol. After the meal, Tea Jay Ivo and DJ Gadjo will liven up the atmosphere. The one-day street food festival will liven up not only the lunch break, but also the hours after for all those who can’t make it to this original lunch. As always, all age categories are welcome, including children, when the only condition is the love of food and neighbor. Because even if you come alone for a quick lunch, you’re sure to find someone great at the table with whom you can enjoy a good drink.

Pastrami: many hours of seasoning

Pastrami is a beef sandwich, most often beef brisket, and its preparation is a time-consuming process. The meat is marinated for several days in a solution of salt and a secret mixture of spices. It is then smoked, boiled and, in the last step, thinly sliced. Traditionally, this meat delicacy is served with bread, when in the sandwich the meat is flavored with pickled cucumber and mustard, sometimes with sauerkraut. This delicacy has a tradition in Romanian cuisine, where the word pastrami comes from the Romanian word ‘a próba’ – to preserve. However, it has become so popular in New York that it is considered a product of its territory.

Lunch or dinner: the market will be alive from morning until late

Bring your colleagues, put your head away from the computer, call your family and friends and come and enjoy a wonderful day in Tržnice. Your taste buds will be catered to by renowned experts of the Prague gastronomic scene, who these days you don’t usually meet at events. An original lunch, snack or dinner will be served by the Food truck Take Eat EZ with an offer of American barbecue and delicacies, Vinograf with an offer of first class wines, barbecue restaurant Big Smokers, street food bistro Meat Vandals, bar enthusiasts bar MOVE or Falkon independent brewery. And this is only the main list of invited suppliers for this gastronomic feast.

I’ve had the concept of the Pastrami pop-up festival in my head for some time, and when the event started to materialize, I looked up a little information about this, one might say, unique delicacy and its availability in our home. For example, from Erik Zlámal, owner of Take Eat EZ, and Vinograph chef Dušan Mackovič, I learned that it is not easy to find quality Pastrami in Prague or anywhere. Although the first attempts at this dish came in the 1990s, along with incoming expats and the new ability to travel, even after so long since the revolution, there are still few places in our country where you can enjoy quality Pastrami. . I think that it is precisely the difficulty of preparing the food that discourages many people, and whoever sets out has to be a little brave.” says Aleš Víšek, from the program department of the Holešovice market and the author of the Pastrami Pop-up concept.

Do you have anything vegetable? And could I see it?

If you have vegetarians in your group or family, bring them with you, they won’t go hungry in Tržnice. Because who could resist the delights of the popular Prague restaurant Slow Cafe, which will be in charge of the vegetarian part of the festival. And it will not only be small or large meals, but also lemonades and a sweet spot at the end. The meatless deli creators will also be making a vegetarian sandwich, which will be their answer to the pastrami sandwich. But don’t worry, no trips to the molecular kitchen or beef jerky substitutes await. Slow Cafe will simply offer you a juicy vegetarian sandwich for those who do not like meat, but would like to come with friends and colleagues to enjoy a relaxing day or evening in Tržnice. And if the crunch of vegetables wasn’t enough, there’s always pavilion 22 with daily fresh vegetables and fruits.

“I think you will hardly find such a concentrated offer of quality with Patisserie as the protagonist anywhere. If I add to this the great musical accompaniment, which will not be missing either at noon or in the evening, I can surely only add one thing: no miss out on this all-day party.” Michal Tošovský, Director of Programs at the Holešovice Market, comments on the taste festival, adding: “This year’s Pastrami Pop-up is the first in a series of events that will offer from spring to winter l “opportunity to experience music, gastronomy and culture. of various origins and tastes. Today, the market is already recognized among many of our regular visitors as a place where they go for extraordinary experiences, I believe that the Pastrami Pop-up it will only intensify that feeling.”

Music that refreshes the parties at noon and at night

The afternoon part of the event will be under the musical responsibility of Ivo Pospíšil alias Tea Jay Ivo, a renowned musician, art manager, DJ and also author of the successful book Too Late to Die Young, the second expanded edition of which currently finds for sale. For the last 15 years he has been spreading music from the 1950s to the 1970s, which you can hear every Friday on Radio 1 on his Vintage Cool programme. “I’m happy to support the event with my music for several reasons. It’s playing in the open air, where sometimes you can smell a little goodness, which always improves the atmosphere. In particular, I see that people who work at food stalls or food trucks are entrepreneurial and very diligent, at least that’s my experience. I think they appreciate the optimism, the good energy and the joy that my music evokes. And of course, I think the “event will also attract this type of visitors. Last but not least, it is also the same approach of the organizer, with whom I have only had good experiences.” Ivo Pospíšil comments on the event.

DJ Gadjo

DJ Gadjo, best known for his many years of work at Ràdio 1, will be in charge of the evening party, where he will broadcast his Sunday session All Music of the World. In the past, he performed on the same stage with Fanfare Ciocarlia, Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace or Parno Graszt. As DJ Mackie Messer, he hosted glamorous swing dance parties in the Werich Town Hall. As DJ Tropicalista, he regularly shined in the African series of dance nights Afro Ring. This summer he will perform again in clubs in London, Berlin or Dresden. For the performance in May, prepare a special world beats collection of delights from the world of Latin jazz, funk, soul and Afrobeat.



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