Steak and salad? Timeless classic. In Boskovice, people buy lunch for 120 crowns

A classic on the lunch menu? Fried pork chop with fries or salad. A dish that cannot be missing from the weekly menu of almost any restaurant in the area. But the times when diners paid up to a hundred for it, including soup, are long gone. Today, they have to take out a few dozen extra crowns from their wallets. So some people try to save money and skip the lunch menu in pubs or eat at home.

Steak with mashed potatoes. Illustrative image.

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According to the owners of the bars, the decrease in the number of customers is noticeable. Expensive energy and high prices of inputs keep entrepreneurs in the infectious industry in an awkward position. They had to react to another price increase, albeit not as severe as last year.

Somewhere they are trying to lure guests into discount cards. “We had to increase the price. Last time by about ten percent. However, food prices have increased by thirty to forty percent in recent months. For some even by a hundred. We have lost some of our customers, and we are fighting as hard as we can. We had to balance it out in a way What in terms of price, because people are saving. Some are no longer willing to pay higher amounts for the lunch menu. Mondays tend to be thin, people eat leftovers from the weekend at work. They often have Friday off. In addition, Many people work from home for a long time after contracting the virus, as they prefer to cook lunch themselves. You can tell about this from the sales. But in my opinion, we still have a decent price for the lunch menu, “Mikaela Pazderova told Dink Ruvnost from the operating company U Slunce in Blanes. .

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Other Planinsko restaurateurs interviewed spoke in similar vein. At The Sun they gave discount cards to regular guests. At this establishment, they have every tenth menu of their choice for half. “Customers are really hearing about it. We are already looking forward to when the outdoor garden will open. This will get more people to come,” said the manager of Planin Beer Hall.

According to her, the just-mentioned fried schnitzel is the biggest attraction on the menu. Either pork or chicken. Similar to fried cheese. For example, Ales Buřík sometimes goes to one of the restaurants in Blané for the lunch menu. “I go to the Golem, to the Winter Stadium, and lately I really liked the Na Pražci restaurant at the train station. Although the menu there is about a hundred and seventy-five crowns more expensive, the portions are large, one hundred and seventy grams. I don’t often have lunch There and bring it home with me. I don’t mind paying more. I go in occasionally, otherwise we cook at home. I think it’s no longer possible to make good quality steaks and soups in a tavern for less than a hundred nowadays. For me, it must be Forged in some way and it will be known by the quality,” the man said.

Economist Lukas Kovanda stated that in the past 12 months, the average price of lunch in the Czech Republic jumped from 153 crowns to 178 crowns. More growth is expected this year, but it will be much weaker than last year. “By the end of this year, the price of an ordinary lunch will rise to about 192 kroner. This is because operators of food enterprises will include this year’s rapid inflation, expensive energy or continued employee wage growth in prices, ”he told Trinity Bank’s chief economist.

Leftovers from the kitchen are contaminated with Ostrovská propaster.  Years ago, sewage also gushed out.

Leftovers from the kitchen littered the chasm near Macocha. Years ago, sewage also gushed out

He pointed out that the exorbitant prices for lunch meals will discourage some customers. For example, they will prepare food at home more often. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that up to fifteen percent of intestinal projects will be permanently closed.

In January the average lunch price was 181 crowns, in December last year it was 180.40 crowns and in November 179.30. This results from transactions made with the Gastro Pass of Sodexo Benefits, the largest benefit provider in the Czech Republic. “This confirms our expectations since the beginning of this year that price increases in the stomach segment will be more gradual,” said Jan Michelfeit of Sodexo Benefits.

According to him, the main reason is the fact that people are no longer willing to accept such high prices and seem to have reached their capacity limit. The sharp price increase also reflected stronger inflation in the second half of last year, so entrepreneurs in the catering industry seem to have managed to keep up with rising costs, at least for the time being. “The investigation is evident not only in the stomach sector, but also in the retail trade, where, according to the latest known data from the Czech Statistical Office, sales fell for the seventh consecutive month last November, with the largest decline in food,” Michelvet added.

Closed for another year.  Restoration of the castle park in Lecce is in progress.  With the approval of Lysis State Castle

Closed for another year. Restoration of the castle park in Lecce is in progress

How much does a steak cost in Planinsko (lunch menu)

In the Sun, Blansko

Fried pork chop, boiled potatoes, onion soup – 129 crowns

In Prague, Blansko

Student steak, mashed potatoes, cucumber, cabbage soup – 139 kroons

Bankfa, Blansko

Fried pork chop, potato salad with mayonnaise, bean soup – 135 crowns

Reserve, Boskovice

Fried pork chop, potato salad and tripe soup – 129 kronor

Rebet, Boskovitsy

Pork chop, potato salad, lentil soup – 120 crowns

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