Spring nettle soup with wild garlic

Those beautiful, young, juicy dark green nettle plants that grow freely almost everywhere are, along with wild garlic, one of the first messengers of the coming spring. Their use in the kitchen is multifaceted, they also contain many useful substances that provide the body with a lot of good.

Preparation process

  1. Put the chopped onion in a pot with heated oil and fry it until it turns pink.

  2. Pour in 1.8 liters of water, add diced potatoes, carrots and rinsed millet. Salt, pour in the broth and cook until the millet is cooked (it takes about 20 minutes).

  3. Rinse the nettles well in cold water (just twice) and pick them (cut off the thickest stems and roots). If you have plucked older nettles, use only the leaves. Use rubber gloves for plucking and washing, if you don’t have them scald the nettles before preparing them to avoid stinging.

  4. Place the nettles in the boiling soup and cook for about 2 minutes. Set aside, add the chopped wild garlic, pepper and mace and blend the soup until smooth. Season with salt as needed and sprinkle the roasted seeds on the plate.

FIRST TYPE: You can confuse wild garlic with wild garlic, which sprouts a little earlier, has long, thin leaves, and you can reliably recognize it by its unmistakable garlic smell. You can also decorate the soup on the plate with the first spring flowers, for example daisies, primroses or violets.

Out of season, you can replace nettles with leafy spinach and wild garlic with classic garlic cloves. The soup will be similar, mainly in color. Instead of millet, you can also use millet flakes, just add a tablespoon less, because they will puff up and the soup will be too thick.

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You can find the full recipe here HERE

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