Reminder: Mr. Warda – The Invisible Dog is dead

It happened once during the construction of socialism that the eyes disappeared. actually. Experienced housewives were about to show the children what this stick looks like, when suddenly it appeared again. In the search packages with the word warde. Unless it is the mark of any company, manufacturer or importer but the name of the fisherman. The author of the apparition was a small, red-haired Jordanian, according to others, a Lebanese whose real name was Warda. As for the scene he actually performed, it was not a newspaper thing; It should be red, e mme oku.

Mr. Wardah was known for his kindness. At the hotel in Brno, where the two were having fun, the lifter, despite his usually retired title, received a tip of US$1 per ride. Cade can certainly imagine the fierce battles between tyrants.

Thus rose represented the Salima International Food Fair. At the Brno council he hires a waiter, and the fair at first appoints an assistant to him, usually a pretty blonde with long legs, the subject of bloody fights, merciless for having drunk to a ward assistant at a lavish wedding during the five days of the fair. He gave this tall beauty he had sent a rose to the town, when on the last day of the fair the Lords ordered him out of the printer’s shop; You should have bought him an abacus. Then he knelt with him in his snow-white breeches on the dirty floor and loved and loved the surface of the wall. And it fell by one and a half meters. There is no table in the factory.

He went to the Tahrir fair, and for a long time he could only remember the circus, how he ended up there. The windows and the editorial office are closed. And Mr. Wardeh, who presented the royal gifts to the mouse, refused to pay for an area of ​​one and a half square meters, which he did not ask for and did not exist in the first place. We thought Mr. Ward taught us the ropes of capitalism.

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