Pavlína, Pepa balls! What mom food did Survivor contestants enjoy?

It probably goes without saying that hunger is the main issue for the contestants in the harsh reality of Survivor. But the thirteenth episode brought a fight for a bounty, where the heroes didn’t fight for just any ordinary food. It was a dish prepared by their mothers.

What dishes were the contestants waiting for?


Peter – pork, meatballs and sauerkraut

Andrea – spaghetti with tomato puree

Philip – steak with salad

Matthew – Viennese iron

Pavlina – mushroom sauce with pork and jasmine rice

caroline – green beans in cream

paper – turkey with potato balls and cabbage

Thomas – Chinese curry chicken


John – thick vegetable soup

swedes – red pepper chicken

Jeanette – chicken fillet with mashed potatoes and tomato salad

Adam – baked potatoes and steak

Martin – baked chicken with potatoes

wow – grilled steak with vegetables

barbara – salmon steak with sweet potatoes and salad

George – beef slices with cream sauce

Kristian – French fries in the oven

Mother’s recipes

Ever wonder how the contestants’ favorite foods got to the island? The mothers of the participants sent their contrasting recipes to the production, which were cooked all the way to the Dominican Republic. And the typical Czech dumplings? A local Czech restaurant took them over.

The rebels are hungry

The rebels are hungry PHOTO: TV Nova

Home photos and hungry Švanci

As a bonus, in addition to the aforementioned meals, the Heroes also took pictures of their loved ones at camp. This time, the rebels only had eyes to cry. And needless to say, the worst was the Švanci, who transferred the wave of losses to their new tribe, so they never got a reward in the form of food again.

Survivor 2023

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