Parents do not have children for lunch. And in the House of Commons, soup for 15, fried food for 109 … Babish in a rage spread it all out

During his appearance before the House of Representatives on Friday, Babish was surprised by the inclusion of prices in the canteen. According to him, citizens have the right to know how much politicians eat. It ties everything in with the thousands of schoolchildren whose parents won’t eat lunch for them and non-profit organizations must help. In the canteen of the House of Commons, lentil and spinach soup for 15 crowns, a frying pan for 109. “If you are not ashamed …” MPs shake their heads.


Hans Sempra

a description: Andre Babis

Andrej Babis (ANO) made the House of Representatives pay the ever-increasing salaries of constitutional officials, while pensions oscillated. “When it comes to pensioners,” he concluded angrily at the counter, “it’s OK to break the law by a coalition of five.” “When you take from the pensioners, you should have taken from yourselves,” he told the deputies.

Just because of the low prices in the canteen in Parliament, Babis believes that politicians certainly don’t need to raise their salaries. According to him, citizens deserve to know the truth about the cost of lunch for the deputy. Potato soup with paprika 12 kr, spinach for 15, there was even an egg. Babish was surprised. “How much is an egg? Seven crowns? How can they do it for 15 crowns? Isn’t it unprofitable?” With 16 kronor sausage, 109 kronor fry.

Andrej Babis speech in the Chamber of Deputies

During the count, the deputies recalled the story of a first-grade student in Nachod district who fainted from hunger during class. According to him, such a case is not unique – the number of parents who simply do not have the means to pay for school lunches for their children is growing. She cites the non-profit organization Women for Women as the source of her information, which, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, pays lunches to children from socially disadvantaged families. More than 14,000 children are being assisted this school year and counting. The school canteen managers also complain that the children are not used to eating and the portions are too big for them. “Well, it’s like Africa, right here,” he said in disbelief.

And meanwhile in the parliamentary canteen – beef stew with liver rice 25, pork shoulder with mushrooms 77 crowns. According to Babish, it would be fair for Parliament to set an example, so that salaries would be frozen and prices would be published in the canteen. “Here, we have posted to people how much we eat here for hundreds of thousands of salaries. Thank you for your concern.”

But the five-member government coalition refused to discuss the ANO opposition movement’s proposal to freeze politicians’ salaries for five years.

“The government launched an anti-social policy, and now it wants to deprive pensioners of 1,000 crowns per month from pensions,” Babis said. He calculated that in connection with the salary increase of constitutional officials, he would receive an additional 96,000 crowns as an ordinary member of Parliament from June until the end of the year, while pensioners would lose an average of 7,000 crowns. “It is immoral that at a time when people’s purchasing power is declining, the salaries of one group are increasing,” said the ANO chief. He blamed the government for “letting inflation run rampant”, “springing people” and “the country’s debt is at record levels”. Babis complained that other legislators could do business, while he, as prime minister, had to transfer ownership of Agrovert to trusts.

The head of another opposition movement, the Social Democratic Party, Tomio Okamura, supported discussion of the ANO proposal. He pointed out that the coalition did not even allow a discussion of a similar proposal by the Social Democratic Party to freeze the salaries of politicians for a period of four years. Approval of the meeting program according to the Council register 70 of the 140 opposition members voted and Michael Rattage of the Starosto Club voted, and the other members of the government parties abstained.

  • SPD
  • President of the Movement for Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD)
  • Member of Parliament

Babis noted that the average salary rose to 43,350 kroner per month last year, but real wages fell by 7.5 percentage points. Salaries of top politicians, judges and prosecutors increased by about 12.7 percent year on year. The salary of an ordinary deputy and senator was increased by 11,600 CZK to 102,400 CZK per month. The president receives 341,200 CZK and 38,500 CZK more than before. The minimum monthly gross salary for a judge exceeded 100,000 kronor and the minimum salary for a plaintiff exceeded 90,000 kronor. Compensations for politicians and judges have also increased. According to Babisch, the average lawmaker’s income is around 155,000 crowns per month.

According to the law in force since last year, the salaries of constitutional officials are based on the average monthly gross nominal wage of the calculated number of employees in the entire economy. Until then, they were generally based on salaries in the non-commercial sector. Salaries are calculated from the so-called salary base, which is the product of the average salary for the previous year and a coefficient of 2.5.

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