N – Retro Sweets: What goodies our grandmothers used to eat and are still known today

Every generation has their favorite desserts, which they remember fondly even in adulthood, even if they haven’t been produced for many years. But there are also sweets that are aging with us and some have reached the 100th mark.

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Do you ever remember what you ate as a child? I was born after the 90s, and I remember most of all the big colorful gum in the box, which was chewed on the spot, the two-color hazelnut cream in the heart, and the powdery tang. My mother remembers Pedro and Jesenko chewing, and my grandmother remembers Fialka and mejdlíčka candies.
Let’s now take a look at a few milliliters that have passed through three generations and are still celebrating success.


And we’ll start right away with the oldest. Who would have thought that lentils have been with us for 116 years? They are even larger than their competitors, American M&M’s. Produced in the Czech Republic by Sfinx. Of course, lentils do not need an excessive description, we all know it. Their distinctive regular lens shape gave them their name (the French term lentille or English lentil corresponds to the Czech term čočka). As of 2021, their production has been redirected from the Czech Republic to Germany (to the local factory of the same company). But their origin is also Czech-German. In 1863, German-Czech Philipp Kneissl began producing candies and hard candies from sucrose and starch syrup, but it wasn’t until 1907 that these candies acquired their distinctive colors (under the supervision of Kneissl’s sons), and they are now available in yellow, red, blue, green, purple, pink, and orange, and since 2014 They are dyed with natural dyes from spirulina, safflower, radish, lemon and carrot. It is also interesting that each lentil weighs one gram and measures exactly one centimeter.


Kofila is this year’s birthday. This coffee bar from the Orion workshop celebrates its centenary this year. Its production began in 1923, and even then it was decorated with a yellow wrapper with an image of a flower of a flower, made by the artist Zdenek Rykr, who is also behind Orion’s distinctive star. For the 90th anniversary, Kofila has a partner named Kofila Latte and for the 100th anniversary, seven releases of the design.


Hashlerky celebrated its centennial two years ago. It was invented in 1877 by a Hamburg pharmacist and was originally named after the Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso, whose hoarseness helped him before a performance. When the recipe for this herbal mixture of anise, honeydew, plantain and mint reached the Czech Republic thanks to František Lhotský, the name Caruso-Hustenbonbon wasn’t a huge hit. So Lhotský decided to take Dessert to a Lucerna nightclub to meet Czech singer-songwriter Karel Hasler, who helped them out of his hoarseness just as Carus had before. A grateful Hašler agreed to use his name, and thus Haslers were born. It is now produced by Nestlé at the Sfinx factory.


The famous Pikao celebrated its 70th anniversary last year. This sweetened condensed milk recipe with cocoa was created in 1952 and was first introduced to the market in a can. It wasn’t until 1972 when Pikao appeared in a tube for the first time. The most interesting thing is that the recipe for this dessert has not changed since its inception, so the taste of Bikao remains the same. This is mainly due to the fact that the recipe only has three ingredients. Milk, sugar and cocoa. So simple and so good. Pikao is produced along with other dairy products by the Hlinsko Dairy Company.

soy slices

Soy chips, or soy balls, are cylinder-shaped soybean candy. It consists of sugar, coarse soy flour, fat, milk powder and rum aroma. It first appeared on the market in the late 1950s and is now available from many manufacturers and in more flavors, such as cocoa or cranberry.

So, did you find your favorite among these goodies? Or did someone else come to mind while reading the article? Let us know in the comments.

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