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If you come home after a long day and still have to prepare a hot dinner for the whole family, there is nothing easier than putting the fish and a side dish of potatoes or vegetables in the freezer. You’ll create delicious food and save energy. In the editorial office we started the tests and will share our impressions with you.

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Fish is a food that should definitely not be missing from your diet. NOWACO products guarantee that you will only get quality food in the form of 100% fish meat, without chemicals and without added water. In addition, these fish are immediately frozen in the sea.

Premium fish fingers

Unground Nowaco Exclusive fingers is a product exactly for lovers of fish meat with a natural taste and an excellent crumb. Taste and quality, for example with mashed potatoes! Nowaco’s exclusive unground fish fingers are MSC/Marine Stewardship Council/ certified. The aim of this program is to contribute to the health of the world’s oceans by promoting sustainable fishing.

Wrapped multigrain fish servings

Coated portions of fish without grinding in multi-grain packaging with seeds are a modern product that supports the trend of a healthy lifestyle. Contains sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds and poppy seeds.

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We also tried:

Waves in the oven

NOWACO fries are the ideal solution for customers who love fries or french fries, but at the same time do not believe in the classic method of preparation, i.e. a deep fryer, or do not want fries “in oil”. The preparation is very simple: put the waffles on the baking tray for 15-20 minutes in the oven and you are ready to serve them. And with sense of time!


In the NOWACO Kroket package, we offer you a traditional Czech croquette recipe, which is produced by our production plant in Opava. Excellent taste and balanced recipe with cheese, Czech production and pre-fried without the use of palm fat. We recommend it as a garnish for roast potatoes and meat stews. Great as an alternative to chips. They can be prepared in a fryer, in a pan and also in the oven. Enjoy your meal!

American potatoes with skin

American potatoes with the skin are mainly intended for customers who like potato side dishes and do not have the hunger or time to cut and prepare potatoes. All this is already prepared. Just put it in the pan and the side dish will be ready in a few minutes. The skin on the potatoes will prevent them from drying out too much and the side dish will retain its natural flavor.

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Royal vegetable mix

An excellent mix of vegetables that goes well as a side dish with meat, as well as a separate meal during diets. Royal mix contains: mini carrots, cauliflower, green beans, peas, corn. Steamed or prepared quickly in a pan with a little butter, you can’t go wrong!

A delicious mix of vegetables

NOWACO deli vegetables include carrots, peas, beans, cauliflower florets and corn. All harvested at their peak maturity, so you can’t tell our vegetables from the fresh ones. The vegetables are already peeled and cut, so you save a lot of work. The NOWACO delicacy is best served as a side dish to, for example, fish, you can cook them in water, steam them, or toss them in a pan with butter.642a8c739d141obrazek.png

Photo Source: Courtesy of NOWACO

What do we say about NOWACO products and how did they taste?


I love NOWACO products and they are always in our freezer as a rescue for a quick dinner or lunch. But mostly I reach for the ones I already know and I don’t get too involved in tasting new products, so I’m glad that thanks to the tests I discovered another range of this brand.

I’m not looking for chips myself, but you know the kids… Sometimes (once every month or two) I just give in and force my daughters. Also, if I come to this variant of the side dish, I prefer to bake rather than fry. So my choice fell on Waves in the oven, which have proven themselves. You just have to get the timing right so they don’t dry out, but we got it.

French fries, croquettes and American potatoes are an exception in our country, but vegetables such as Královská are much more common on the plate. We usually sauté it briefly in butter and serve it immediately. The problem is that one package is no longer enough, but this is a sign that we really like.


I’m not looking for chips or croquettes, so I’ve only tried veggies and fish rolls. Vegetables are great, I love adding them to so many dishes, and being able to fish them out of the freezer and throw them into a pot or pan makes things so much easier. Sometimes I fry it alone as a side dish. Both Royal and Deli are great. I appreciate that there is a fair proportion of vegetables, not just carrots like some other brands.

Next, I tried the fish fingers. I was very skeptical of them at first, but in the end I was really surprised at how much I liked them. They are not ground meat, that is obvious. Classic fish fingers are small for me, so there’s less meat and a crispier crust. So my favorite of the two is the Alaskan Cod Fingers with Seeds. They are bigger and I was very surprised by the taste of the seeds.



I really like NOWACO’s frozen products because they often save me when I’m short on time or don’t have much time to cook. My favorite are American potatoes, which are both quick to prepare and, above all, absolutely delicious. It saves me so much time that they are already chopped and it really just adds oil and spices. They are delicious in the oven and in the pan, and what I like most about them is how wonderfully crunchy they are. I have loved fried steaks since I was a kid and this premium did not disappoint. I always have a mix of frozen vegetables at home, because it is an excellent base for soup, but also for sauces or as a side dish for meat. Thank you for quality frozen products that are worth having at home, from fish to potato and vegetable products.


I have to admit that sometimes I also choose the frozen option, especially for dinner. The battered fish fingers became my favorite. I love to enjoy fish fingers and I have to say that NOWACO Multigrain Breaded Fish Portions have taken my dinner to another level. Not only do they smell like very fresh meat, but the sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds in which the chickpeas are coated give them great flavor. The royal steamed vegetable mix is ​​a great addition to fresh fish or a naturally cooked slice of chicken.

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