IN – Finally the truth about chicken! It benefits dogs more than we think

Do you also avoid chicken when choosing kibble for your dog? Then you probably belong to the group of breeders who believe that chicken is the trigger for most problems that dogs can suffer from. However, it is more common to refuse chicken because of possible allergies. But do you know how many dogs are actually allergic to chicken? Only about three dogs out of a thousand.

Allergies to chicken protein are not as common as breeders think. When determining what is scratching the dog or what is causing the diarrhea, it is often found that the reason is completely different from chicken meat. In addition, food allergies represent only 0.4% of all illnesses that cause owners to take their four-legged friends to the vet. Chicken meat is so often mentioned in connection with allergies, perhaps because it is the best-selling protein in both animal and human diets. Chicken plays an important role in dog nutrition because it contains highly digestible proteins, essential amino acids and vitamins.


Some facts

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between food allergies, which are rare inadequate reactions of the immune system to certain foods, and then food intolerance, which indicates the inability of the body to digest the given food. Do you know which is among the biggest allergens in dogs? Beef is in first place, milk is second, and pork is third. Chicken is only in fourth or fifth place. Allergies to chicken make up only thirteen percent of all food allergies. There are a total of about 2,200,000 dogs in the Czech Republic, and only about 1,200 of them suffer from chicken allergies.


Benefits of chicken meat

When is it advisable to eat chicken soup? When you are not well. Why? Since chicken meat is a dietary product, it is highly digestible and is therefore part of various diets that improve digestive health and reduce body weight. And the same goes for dogs, which he confirms nutritionist of the British brand Martin Kváš: “Chicken meat is more digestible than other types of meat. That is certainly one of its advantages when we talk about food. Another ‘advantage’ is the favorable protein composition and low fat content with a good composition.” Chicken meat also has a positive effect on mental functions because it does not burden the body and has a good effect on the intestines. Because as we already know today, digestion is closely related to brain activity. The high content of linoleic acid in chicken is in turn a basic building block for skin. Other substances in chicken slow down skin aging. The advantage for dogs is that chicken meat does not burden the excretory system, and the owners will be satisfied with less waste collected during walks.


What a chicken can do, an insect can do

Insects have similar properties to chicken for dogs – they are highly digestible, almost 100%, and also promote skin health. It is especially suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion. It is high in protein, iron and calcium and is just as rich in minerals and vitamins as meat. The main three arguments for insect protein are – low risk of allergies, exceptional nutritional properties and, above all, sustainability. Insects hardly burden nature. These tiny animals dispose of organic waste and thus significantly help in the fight against litter and waste.

By combining these two exceptional proteins – chicken and insects – a new line of Brit Care Dog Sustainable food was created. This super-premium food is designed for healthy digestion and thanks to the natural formula and sustainable raw materials, their production has up to 35% less carbon footprint.

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