Hit this Easter: Eggs garnished with pasta, seeds, or lentils

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Do you enjoy Easter decoration for the whole family? We have a cool tip for decorating eggs in an original way. You won’t need anything special for this, just common ingredients from the kitchen, such as pasta, seeds, or lentils.

Decorating eggs simply belongs to Easter. And this year you can try something completely new. Eggs decorated in all kinds of ways will stand out beautifully in the overall Easter decoration. So, get ready with your kids to have fun decorating eggs that will be the envy of carolers!

Get inspired by other easy ways to decorate Easter eggs in this video:

Aid preparation

You will need glue, colored lentils, rice, flax, sunflower, sesame and other seeds. Choose pasta in smaller sizes, for example those in the shape of a flower. You can also use spices to decorate eggs.

Simple and quick decoration

Pour the selected ingredients separately into bowls. Coat the egg in glue and roll it into individual bowls, according to your desire and imagination. You can wrap it in one color or combine different ingredients. In this case, cover only part of the egg with glue and gradually roll it out. Then cover the other parts with duct tape, for example, so that spices or seeds don’t get mixed up in the odd rows.

Decorate the eggs with different kinds of seeds to make them more colorful.
Source: Shutterstock.com / Ekaterina Kondratova

Friendship eggs

Do you still have the cotton balls you used to tie friendship bracelets hidden somewhere? It’s time to bring them out and put on a big show with them! The method of decoration is very similar to the method of seeds. First, coat a part of the egg with glue and wrap the egg with colored cotton. You can change the colors in the rows and combine them as you like. Eggs decorated in this way will liven up any Easter decoration!

button flowers

Do you have a lot of different buttons at home that you probably won’t use anymore? Choose a larger one and a few smaller ones. Then stick the middle of the egg and stick the bigger button. Then stick the remaining smaller buttons around it. Thus you will create a beautiful flower on the background of a white or colored egg.

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You can also stick lace or other fabrics to the eggs.
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Games with sweets

You can also try small flowers made of colored paper. Use pre-made scraps or make your own first. Just take colored paper and make holes in it. Then stick the wheels on the egg either in different ways or in the form of flowers. You will be amazed how easy it is to decorate white eggs beautifully.

Decorate Easter eggs with beads, origami or shoe macrame according to the video:

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