Great lunch comparison in Břeclavsk. Steak? The difference can be up to a hundred crowns

As much as a few tens of crowns is the difference in the prices of steak with a side dish and soup on the lunch menu offered by restaurants in Břeclav. According to Deník’s research, people can get the cheapest steak with mashed potatoes at the bistro U Cukrovar in Břeclav. It costs 120 crowns with soup. Price for a steak with a side dish and soup? In Břeclav, the difference is as much as a hundred.

Lunch in restaurants under one hundred crowns is rare.

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Those interested can get the cheapest lunch menu in this bistro ten kroner cheaper. Every day you can choose between two meals and a fixed menu. According to the operative words of Ivy Osičková, the increase in the price of energy and raw materials was not felt dramatically. They had no shortage of guests. “We don’t even feel a drop in attendance, between one hundred and fifty to two hundred people come to lunch every day,” Osičková said.

Břeclavan David Korda’s favorite business is Restaurace in Čerta, formerly in Wozarů at the former bus station. “If I’m not cooking at home, that’s my clear number one,” he said. A fried chicken cutlet with potato salad costs 145 kroner there, including soup.

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For the same amount, I can eat a chicken or pork steak with potato salad, including soup, also at the Pipi Grill restaurant. Businesswoman Klára Strušková felt the rise in energy and raw material prices. “We don’t want to raise prices, but it’s hard to fight against it. Let’s say, at the beginning of the year, the interest of visitors is declining everywhere, and we feel it. But since we keep prices low, it’s not that much of a drop,” Struškova said. According to her, several dozen interested people come to the restaurant for lunch every day.

At the Pohoda restaurant, guests can have a fried steak with potato salad and soup for 225 kroner. It is part of the weekly menu. It is among the most expensive in Břeclav.

soup, fried pork steak with light potato salad (Restaurant Pohoda, Břeclav) – 225 crowns
soup, neck steak on garlic, mashed potatoes (restaurant and pension Prague, Mikulov) – 155 crowns
soup, fried chicken steak, potato salad (Restaurant in Čerta, Břeclav) – 145 crowns
soup or salad, fried chicken/pork steak, potato salad (Pipi Grill restaurant, Břeclav) – 145 crowns
soup, variant of fried steaks with potato salad (Restaurant Amalia, Valtice) – 140 crowns
soup, stuffed pork steak, mashed potatoes (bistro U Cukrovar, Břeclav) – 120 crowns
source:, company social networks

Some residents of Břeclav prefer dishes that differ from Czech classics. One of them is, for example, a Roman figure. “I usually don’t go to the menu for lunch, sometimes I go for a kebab at noon. I am very satisfied with the price and quality of kebabs,” he says.

Businesses in the surrounding towns have similar prices to the county town for their steak lunch menus. For example, the Amalia restaurant in Valtica offers a variation of fried steaks with potato salad and soup for 140 crowns. Neck steak on garlic with puree and soup is fifteen kroner more expensive at the Praha restaurant in Mikulov.

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Amalia is one of the establishments where even Jaroslav Válka sometimes goes for lunch with his colleagues. “In Valtica, we also go to Albera or the restaurant U Kapitána. There they have everything you can eat for 150 crowns,” said a young man who works in neighboring Hlohovac.

According to data from the Sodexo company, the average price of a lunch menu in the South Moravian region at the end of last year rose to 189 crowns. Compared to 2021, that is an increase of eighteen percent, or less than thirty crowns. Compared to other regions, only Prague and Central Bohemia are more expensive than South Moravia.

Sodexo marketing director Jan Michelfeit expects the price increases will probably be more gradual this year, but people will feel it. “It is true that more and more visitors are no longer willing to accept price increases,” said Michelfeit.


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