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Preparations for Easter are at their peak, and this year’s holidays at Globus are celebrated in the spirit of tradition, freshness and honesty, not only with holiday pastries, but also with meat. All fifteen Globus hypermarkets have their own butcher shop, bakery and restaurant. Thanks to this, I can prepare a wide range of quality food and dishes. You won’t be left with decorations and gifts either.

Butcher Globus offers a wide selection of meat and sausages. In addition to the usual assortment such as beef, pork, veal, turkey or rabbit meat, there is currently also lamb meat on offer. The most typical Easter meat is probably smoked meat. At Globus, it is prepared according to the traditional recipe on beech wood in the back of the hypermarket, 5 meters from the sales counter. We recommend that you also try Easter ham or other sausages to your taste.

Don’t want to cook or want to save time? Enjoy traditional Easter dishes from chefs from Restaurant Globus. The menu includes Easter rabbit on garlic with spinach and potato dumplings, turkey roll with bacon, spinach and dry meat stuffing, baked chicken leg with carrots and spinach rice or leg of lamb with spinach and potato dumplings. And they will be happy to pack everything for you.

Do you want to enjoy mazanac or Yiddish during Easter without baking it yourself? Stop on Globus bakery, where several honest products await you. Traditional spread with or without raisins, butter spread or De Luxe butter spread that also contains fresh cheese. It is pliable and has a very mild taste. Bakers specially bake spreads according to a traditional recipe of flour and butter from Czech suppliers and roll them out by hand. Try the confectioner’s Easter cake or other fresh and high-quality Globus Fair bakery products.

Bakers and confectioners at Globus not only bake excellently, but also help! Enjoy the excellent Fair Production Globus scone and support a good cause. From every piece of De Luxe butter of 850 g sold until April 9, 2023, Globus Olomouc hypermarket will donate 25 CZK to the mobile hospice You are not alone.

You can also buy Easter decorations in Globus. You can choose from many types of themed decorations and accessories. Spring flowers are also an excellent decorative element. For example, potted daffodils or hyacinths, which you can buy in the garden department of Olomouc Globus, will cheer up your household.

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate Easter, at Globus you can buy everything you need during the holidays – from prizes for carolers to decorations to traditional Easter specialties. One visit to Globus Olomouc is all you need and you’re done.

You can also find inspiration in the current Easter catalog, whose offer is valid until April 9, 2023.

Hypermarket Globus Olomouc, Pražská ul.39, 779 00 Olomouc

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