Gastrocentrum Pohoda also invites you to roast chicken and blueberry dumplings

Litoměřice – Gastrocentrum Pohoda in Litoměřice is looking forward to seeing all its supporters again after the much needed Easter break. Come for a good lunch for good money! They have a choice of five meals a day, soup of course. You can have lunch for a nice 95 CZK.

On Tuesday, April 11th You are invited to sautéed cauliflower with potatoes and lime. If you want something lighter, try bulgur with vegetables and cheese. The menu will also include pork ribs on cumin with rice and Tábourská bašta with cabbage and dumplings. In the salad department, there’s a red bean and mozzarella salad on Tuesdays. Tuesday’s soup is minced meat with noodles.

On Wednesday, April 12th Frankfurt soup with potatoes will be on the menu. You are also invited to homemade potato pancakes with cold cuts and couscous risotto with chicken and cheese. You can also have mixed salad with it. But the main attraction of the Wednesday menu is the roast chicken with potatoes. Salad with chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and sesame seeds. The classic Czech take on Wednesdays is tomato sauce with dumplings and pork balls.

On Thursday the 13th of April Caesar salad lovers will be in for a treat. There will also be pork stew with macaroni and French fries. Roasting Znojmo with rice also has loyal admirers in Pohoda. And if you haven’t made your choice yet, try your luck with potato pie with steamed spinach. Thursday’s soup is lentils.

On Friday, April 14th There is Russian borscht in the soup section. However, the highlight of the show on Fridays is the traditional sweet dish – this time blueberry pancakes with cottage cheese. The stir-fry with potatoes and lime won’t disappoint either. Evergreen of Czech restaurants. Roast sirloin with dumplings is prepared for (not only) serious men on Fridays. Or bet on the Serbian rice dish with beetroot. And if you want something lighter, you will definitely like the lentil salad with eggs.

Gastrocentra Pohoda canteens can be found in Litoměřice, at Na Vinici 2244, Žižkova 2 and Mírové náměstí, in the lane next to the Town Hall. Lunch is served from 10:30 am to 2 pm.

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