From the kitchen of our grandmothers or nuts that extend life! A wonderful lentil salad recipe with mushrooms

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Legumes are one of the neglected foods in our kitchen. Not right. They contain, among other things, a high percentage of proteins and other nutrients that will give our bodies the necessary energy and a sense of satiety. It would be ideal to consume legumes daily in smaller quantities, but at first it will be sufficient to include them once a week.

In addition, the regular consumption of legumes allows the body to adapt adequately and, thanks to this, also prevents unpleasant negative effects, which include, for example, the dreaded bloating.

Legumes are among the healthy foods

Usually we can find five types: peas, lentils, soybeans, chickpeas and beans. Their use in cooking is very wide and does not always require long preparation and soaking. Sprouted lentil salad or red lentil soup is ready in half an hour.

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Of the important substances, legumes mainly contain potassium, phosphorus, iron (most of it is found in lentils), calcium and fiber. Green legumes also contain vitamin B1 and folic acid.

The fiber in legumes is really beneficial. This is why they are commonly consumed by vegetarians and vegans who, thanks to legumes, can almost completely replace the absence of animal ingredients in their food.

There are two primary reasons for pre-soaking legumes. One reason is that it gets rid of indigestible oligosaccharides, which mostly wash out in the soaking water, which we then pour out. The second reason, purely practical, is that soaking reduces the boiling time, and this is significantly.

Legumes extend life

It is often said that vegetarians live longer than the rest of the population. The protein-forming amino acid methionine, which is found in meat, has its share in this. Therefore, it is always better to replace animal proteins with plant proteins, because you can easily make vegetable meatloaf and steak from legumes.

Lentil salad with mushrooms

Make a great lentil salad with oyster mushrooms. You definitely won’t regret it.


Cook the lentils until tender and drain.

  • Lentils 300 gm

  • Oyster mushrooms 250 grams

  • 1 large onion

  • Dried tomatoes 4 handfuls

  • olive oil 2 tbsp

  • White wine vinegar – to taste

  • 2 bunches of flat leaf parsley

  • salt

Fry the chopped onion in oil, add the washed and sliced ​​\u200b\u200bmushrooms and simmer for about 10 minutes, add the sun-dried tomato slices and simmer all together for another 5 minutes.
Then add the lentils and mix in 1-2 tablespoons of the vinegar. salt. Finally, add chopped parsley to the salad, mix and adjust to taste. The salad is good warm, but it also tastes cold.

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