do you like tomatoes Which tomatoes will you like best?

gooseberry is a variety of about 1400 years old. The fruits are excellent for jams, compotes and pickles. A plant produces between hundreds and thousands of cherry-sized fruits. The fruit offers a sweet aroma of wild tomato.

Peruvian is again an old variety with cherry-sized fruits, said to have been brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus on his second expedition to America in 1498. The fruits of this variety are colored dark blue and have a white star in cross section. . The plants bloom beautifully from May until the first frosts, the fruits begin to ripen light blue, after ripening they are dark blue to black and taste like kiwi.

Silesian raspberries is a very early ripening variety that offers aromatic fruits with a size of 10 cm in diameter. Inside, the fruits are colored like raspberries and taste like sugar beets and potatoes. This variety achieves high yields.

Yellow stuffer it is a variety with yellow and hollow fruits. From the outside, the fruit really looks like a pepper and inside it has something similar to a small strawberry. But beware, it is poisonous. The hollow fruit is ideal for stuffing with meat and rice, as we do with peppers. These tomatoes are also excellent baked and au gratin. The walls of the fetus are drier and therefore can tolerate higher temperatures during kitchen preparations. It is a very profitable variety, we can find 100 to 150 fruits on one stem of the plant.

green zebra it has green-striped fruits that never turn red, but turn slightly yellow when ripe. The fruits of this variety are excellent for salads, pickles, sauces and sandwiches. The variety comes from the USA and its fruits are minimally aggressive.

very green is a Mexican variety characterized by a papery wrapper that dries as it ripens and then peels off. The fruits taste like lemon, watermelon and bread dough. An incredible combination.

Black Plum it offers fruits with an elongated shape that resembles a plum. They are up to 7.5 cm long and mature to a dark red color with black and dark green spots. Inside, however, the fruits are dark red to black. the variety comes from Russia, is very hardy and therefore grows well even in colder weather. Tomatoes are suitable for making pasta and sugar.

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