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Spiders, worms and rotten fruit. They are delicacies that are served both in street stalls and in the best restaurants in the world. But how do random diners who have tasted local specialties see them? website collects ratings from tourists and local diners and compiles the best and worst food in the world based on the data. For those who do not suffer from prejudice and are not afraid to try something non-traditional, they also publish recipes, ingredients, as well as restaurants where you can taste these delicious delicacies.

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So what, aren’t you afraid?

The 50 worst foods are:

By the way, how many delicacies have you tasted from the list? • Author:


1. Indigirka salad – Russia (fish salad with onions)

2. Pizza there – Canada (there z pizz)

Pizza is a favorite, but when you put a few on top of it, it’s guaranteed to be on the worst foods list. • Author:

3. Hákarl – Iceland (fermented shark meat)

4. Anise de Flavigny – France (anise candies)

5. Fried spiders – Cambodia

6. Stegte sild – Denmark (fried herring fillets in sweet pickle)

7. Gule Aerter – Denmark (pea soup)

8. Vegetable roll – Great Britain

9. Tête de veau – France (boiled beef head)

10. Scottish Fried Pizza – Scotland

11. Czernina – Poland

Czernina is a Polish soup • Author:

12. Kaeng som – Thailand (sour water-based curry)

13. Snail soup – Honduras (mussels cooked in coconut milk with bananas, spices and vegetables)

14. Bacon in chocolate – USA

15. Scouse – Great Britain (vegetable stew)

16. Riggies pasta with chicken – USA

17. Kinalas – Philippines (noodle soup with different types of meat)

18. Riz Casimir – Switzerland (a dish of chicken, cream, coconut milk, rice, roasted almonds, pears, pineapple, peaches and spices)

19. Anispläzchen – Germany (anise candies)

20. Oil Down – Grenada (a one pot meal of local greens, starchy tubers, green bananas, salty meat and a spice mix)

21. Endives au jambon – France (endives with lemon juice, milk, flour, butter, ham, cheese and nutmeg)

22. Pizza Grandiosa – Norway (frozen pizza with meat)

23. Lutefisk – Norway (fish treated with lye and gelatin with a strong smell)

24. Beuschel – Austria (sauce made with meatballs, often beef heart and lungs)

25. Brotsuppe – Germany (bread soup)

26. Caracóis à Algarvia – Portugal (steamed snails)

27. Rice with milk – Czech Republic

Even our beloved pudding found itself on the unflattering list • Author:

28. Fish soup – Czech Republic

29. Bake and Shark – Trinidad and Tobago (street food of marinated or seasoned pieces of shark meat, sauces, chutney and vegetables on bread)

30. Sannakji – Japan (raw octopus sliced ​​and served with sesame oil)

31. Chongos Zamoranos – Mexico (a dessert of milk, egg yolks and rennet tablets)

32. Devilled Kidneys – England (fried beef kidneys with sauce)

33. Skansk spettkaka – Sweden (potato flour cake)

34. Maidanosalata – Greece (parsley smeared with vinegar)

35. Tuna casserole – USA (pasta with canned tuna, vegetables and condensed creamy soup)

36. Hotsilog – Philippines (garlic fried rice, fried eggs and hot dogs)

37. American Chop Suey – USA (spicy combination of baked pasta, minced meat and tomato sauce)

38. Morcilla patatera – Spain (Spanish sausage made with a combination of pork, fat and mashed potatoes)

39. Musk Stick – Australia (a pink stick with a floral scent that resembles musk perfume)

40. Stripsy pizza – USA

41. Pampapato di Ferrara – Italy (Christmas cake sprinkled with whole almonds, hazelnuts and candied fruit, usually seasoned with pepper)

42. Trippa alla Romana – Italy (steamed potato with sour tomato sauce)

43. Romeritos – Mexico (herb sauce)

Mexican rosemary with mole sauce and shrimp • Author:

44. Higado encebollado – Mexico (veal liver with sauce)

45. Kuzu kelle – Turkey (sheep’s head, boiled and added cold, or heated on the grill)

46. ​​​​​​Kalakukko – Finland (a dish consisting of a fish and bacon filling that is baked inside a thick crust of rye bread)

47. Callaloo – Dominica Island (green vegetable soup with coconut milk and dumplings)

48. Humpback ant – Colombia (one of the largest ant species)

49. Kakavia – Greece (fish soup, provided by the house)

50. American stew – USA

The worst Czech food

And how does see Czech food? compiled ranking of the 10 worst foods our beloved kitchen. Do you agree with the assessors or will you find your loved ones there? (Assessment current as of 02/21/2023, website updated regularly.)

1. Fish soup

2. Rice with milk

3. Guts

4. Buns with shodó

5. Vegetable soup (according to the editors: cabbage)

6. Acid

Krkonose sour is served with scrambled eggs and peeled potatoes • Author: FOOD

7. Cube of mushrooms

8. Noodles with poppy seeds

9. Intestine

10. The morning meal

We totally disagree with and love the cube, for one! We also have a great recipe >>>

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