Andrei Babis called for an increase in the prices of the parliamentary canteen

Regarding the increase in the salaries of constitutional officials, Andrej Babis (ANO) called for an increase in prices in the parliamentary canteen. The House of Representatives will not debate the YES movement’s proposal to freeze politicians’ salaries. The government wants to come up with its own proposal.



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Source: TASR / AP

Babish again referred to the prices of meals in the parliamentary canteen and called for an increase in them. I reported it CTK. “I know you’ll all hate me here, but I don’t care.” Advertised According to him, it is not normal for deputies to eat potato soup costing 12 crowns, lentils 15 or 16 crowns, fried cheese 109 crowns, fried sliced ​​steak 105 crowns, and fried pork chop 112 crowns.

The ANO Movement Chairman stated this in the context of increasing the salaries of constitutional officials, while pensions for retirees will be reduced. “It is immoral for one group to get a premium these days.” The president said yes. He blamed the cabinet for “letting inflation run its course and saving on the people”. Babis complained that other legislators could do business, while he, as prime minister, had to transfer ownership of Agrovert to trusts.

Parliament will not discuss a proposal to freeze politicians’ salaries

The House of Representatives will not discuss or approve the proposal of the opposition movement ANO to freeze the salaries of politicians for five years in an extraordinary meeting. Her program did not win the support of the government coalition on Friday and lost only one vote. The government intends to offer its own solution. Ano wanted to move forward with his proposal already in the first round of negotiations.

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