A week’s menu for women over 50: you can easily create your own according to him

Why should we also consider age when losing weight? This is mainly because women in their 50s undergo hormonal changes at this time, which radically affect the functioning of their bodies. Many processes slow down, which is why women often talk about this period as the time when they gain weight just by looking at food.

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Losing weight after 50 isn’t just about diet

Although this period is a time of great changes in the female body, the male body also begins to behave differently. Although there are not as dramatic changes as in women, men also experience a decrease in hormone production, a loss of muscle mass and a greater need to replenish fluids.

However, even during this period it is possible to lose weight. It’s worse than it was years ago, your metabolism makes it harder to lose weight, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Even small, long-term changes to improve are not only good for weight loss, but also for body functionality and feeling better. While aging is, of course, completely natural and inevitable, don’t take it for granted. Right now, you have enough energy to make lifestyle changes that will make a big difference to your health for decades to come.

Don’t forget the consumption regime. Water and herbal teas are best and calorie free.
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What the experts recommend is well known today. Pay attention to what you eat and drink, but also exercise and rest, which are no less important.

Check out what Anna from the “anshule” channel has to say about her weight loss. Although he is definitely not 50, he rightly points out that the diet should be varied and the absolute prohibition of certain foods is also not appropriate. Talk about rest. and exercise and points to sustainability and practicality:

What can your menu look like?

A balanced menu for the week is actually not at all miraculous. Choose high quality and nutritious food, you don’t need to restrict breakfast in any way, but avoid unnecessary sugars, choose cereals. Lunches should be plentiful and tasty, snacks are characterized by dairy products and nuts, dinners should be lighter, rather vegetable.

The 1st

Breakfast: Wholemeal rye bread with tuna spread and vegetables

Lunch: Risotto with brown rice

Dinner: Beef broth with vegetables and buckwheat noodles

Czech mushroom risotto

Risotto has many forms, change the ingredients and play with the flavors.
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The 2nd

Breakfast: millet porridge with apple, cinnamon and nuts

Lunch: Toast with guacamole and bull’s eye

Dinner: Vegetable cream

The 3rd

Breakfast: wholemeal bread, vegetables and eggs according to your preferences

Lunch: Broccoli any way you choose, with garlic or yogurt, some cheese, or on the brain.

Dinner: Hummus with carrot and celery or roasted peppers in olive oil.

Hummus is best enjoyed with fresh vegetables.

Hummus is best enjoyed with fresh vegetables.
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the fourth

Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, millet or chia pudding with fruit

Lunch: Chinese vegetables with rice

Dinner: beef steak with green beans

The 5th

Breakfast: Wholemeal rye bread with turkey or chicken ham, vegetables

Lunch: Tortilla or another even fattier fish with a plate of potatoes

Dinner: Vegetable salad with tahini dressing

Salmon is a healthy grill classic.  If you already have "dose" sea ​​fish, try a whole trout, for example.

Salmon or other fish and shellfish are part of a healthy diet.
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The 6th

Breakfast: Oat pancakes with wild berries or oat milk drink with fruit

Lunch: steamed or grilled chicken with vegetables and rice

Dinner: Vegetable salad with quinoa

The 7th

Breakfast: Wholemeal rye bread with salmon and vegetables

Lunch: Roasted vegetables with mozzarella and a piece of roast chicken

Dinner: boiled beets with cheese or cottage cheese

Roasted beets are delicious, dietary and healthy

Boiled or roasted beets are great with cheese.
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Don’t forget that salads deserve a good dressing. Learn how to use oils, lemon, tahini, spices, garlic and mustard. You can conjure great dressings from them.

Also enjoy a snack

If necessary, complement the menu with snacks. Whatever time of day you include them in your meals, do not overeat and prefer dairy products, ideally acidic. Also have fruit, seeds and nuts as snacks. You can also make 100% sugar-free fruit or vegetable juices.

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