A good knife is an investment that does not lose its value over time. We will advise you how to choose the right one

How do you choose a kitchen knife that will last for years? First of all, you have to decide what kind of knife you are looking for according to the purpose of use. Another is a knife for cutting bread, and another for slicing fish. Then you can start looking according to the quality of the blade and the steel used, but also according to the shape and attachment of the handle.

Surely you also have friends or family members in your area who regularly buy low-quality kitchen knives, which deteriorate to such a level that within a few months of purchase they become unusable. Either due to damage to the blade made of low-quality steel or, more often, to loosening and disintegration of the artificial handle. The adage “we’re not so rich that we buy cheap things” fits perfectly in these cases. If they had calculated their expense for all of their low-quality kitchen knives over time, they could have bought premium, first-class knives a long time ago and saved much more. In this article, we will try to show you how to choose a high-quality, long-lasting knife that will save you money.

The origin is important

Just like when choosing a quality wine, you are interested in where it comes from, where it comes from and how it was made. Same with knives. Making quality knives is an art that takes years and years of work to perfect. In the traditional knife-making regions of Japan and China, this art has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Yes you read that correctly! Even in China, although it is not as well known in the context of knife production as Japan, the tradition of knife production has the same duration. A vivid example of this is the Chinese city of Yangjiang (Yangjiang), where knives have been made for more than 1400 years.

XinZuo is a famous kitchen knife manufacturer based in the aforementioned Chinese knife city and benefits from the generations skill of local master knife makers. You don’t have to worry about having to travel all the way to China to buy XinZuo knives because it has an official Czech shop at the address. XinZuo.cz With free shipping in the Czech Republic, with a 3-year warranty and 30-day returns.

How to choose from XinZuo’s wide range of knives?

XinZuo produces dozens of types of knives in various steels. The premium series of knives contain Damascus steel with double-sided manual sharpening at an angle of 15 degrees and are razor-sharp. It will last for years of use with regular maintenance for occasional sharpening on steel and possibly sharpening on a whetstone in case of excessive fading.

aims justify means

Always choose the type of knife according to the purpose. Do you want to cut fresh bread? Choose a bread and pastry knife with a serrated blade. Want to split large pieces of meat with bones? Choose a cleaver that cuts bones without breaking them. The most commonly used knives in the Czech Republic are chef’s knives, which are described as universal knives suitable for chopping almost all ingredients.

Proof of the quality of XinZuo kitchen knives are the praise of chefs around the world who use them every day in their kitchens. Why can’t the premium knife be in your hand too? Check out our online store XinZuo.cz to its wide range and we believe you will be captivated by one of them.

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